✧ dream01: open call ✧

✧ entrance or exit is now accepting artist submissions for its first edition on the theme of dreams. ✧

✧ this theme's concept is inspired by one of the oldest mmorpg furcadia and the user-created worlds called dreams, a core component of the universe of furcadia. like second life and worlds.net, these dreams varied vastly and served as a playground for escapism. for this open call we invite you to submit artwork on your interpretation of the loose concept of dreams. ✧

submission guidelines ✧

✧ you are free to submit images, videos, and 3d models.
✧ you may submit up to 1-2 artworks.
✧ please keep the file size low - aim for 1-2MB or lower! the files may need to be compressed to make sure the project will load on most browsers.

✧ if you are submitting 3d models, please keep in mind unity's limitations:
- .fbx file format preffered. animations are OK!
- unity only renders one side of a face (back-face culling.)
- complex materials may not export correctly into unity. try to simplify it to image textures and normal maps. be sure to include all your textures when sending your files

- any other specific questions or requests? send an email!

✧ all files can be sent via email to m@cinni.net
✧ please include your name & where to link you ✧

✧ submissions will be open until august 31, 2021

entrance or exit is an artist-run virtual gallery which explores the idea of virtual worlds and what art could look like free from IRL limitations. the goal is to collaborate with other artists and to foster a digital community on the free web. every exhibition will be archived and always accessible. as of now, these projects will support online multiplayer. ✧

✧ what would it look like? you can try out the demo below. ✧

✧ click me ✧

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